Fall Art Walk 2016

I’ve been tip toeing around the retail venue, and enjoying the idea of new people and strangers loving my artwork enough to BUY IT- have it around them, as a part of  their daily lives! Strangely exciting…. but I feel strongly about price points- and the required commission taken to sell in a store has been crippling my value gained from each piece.  Solution, enjoy the amazing advantage I have working at a brewery with a fantastic, gallery- esque wall to show and sell my dream catchers on!

Thus, I signed on as a featured artist with Ten Mile Creek for the Fall Art Walk, 2016! This show was created in a hugely transitional time of my life- I feel the variety and experimental aspects are evident- with some strong ideas coming forward.  This series is about playing, exploring the potential of building up the two main facets of each dream catcher: the weaving and the hanging.

I gained commissions from this show, a few of which requested replica pieces, which was an interesting challenge!  The last couple pieces I made for the show I started doing a gradient technique with the yarn hanging which proved to be very successful, I plan to work with this technique much more in my future works.

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