Fall Art Walk 2017

Helena’s Fall Art Walk 2017 was a success! I entitled this dream catcher series, Spectrum, as developing a strong color story was an essential inspiration to each piece.  My main goal of the Spectrum series was to further explore the gradation technique I had just started playing with at the end of my last making season.

Prior to this show, I was gifted an abundance of feathers from locally harvested birds including pheasant, turkey and mallard. (Thank you Eli & Steph!) A natural next step was hand plucking the de-breasted birds,  to use as much of the birds as possible.   This was my first experience plucking birds, but the reward was entirely worth the mild (but enlightening) discomfort. The feathers have become a more essential part of most works, through lots of feedback, viewers tend to prefer works with striking feather showpieces.

This show was also an opportunity to improve my strongest weaving patterns. I selected 4 of my favorites and through repetition and improving my accuracy, I was able to push these original weavings further.  This realization changed my making process to focus on one skill of my work per making session- for example completing 6 woven circles in one day- has created some awesome new and interesting weaves by learning from one piece and applying new knowledge to the next piece immediately.

I’m proud of what came together for this show: I was able to expand many skill sets that improve each dream catcher- the quality and content of my materials collection has improved greatly this year- and more time and space for making has been a major upgrade to my process.

Enjoy the Spectrum series, and look forward to a ton more dream catchers- as I have finally committed to this year’s Helena MADEfair!  My very first makers fair- will be Saturday and Sunday, December 2nd and 3rd— 😬