Artist Statement


Hi, I’m Karli Mosey, I am originally from La Crosse, WI and have been living in Helena, MT for more than 3 years. My husband and I purchased our first home here where we, our two cats and dog enjoy a fun and leisurely life hiking, eating, making and working.

I am a maker currently focusing on decorative Dreamcatchers. Some of my pieces mimic traditional weaving patterns, but many weavings showcase original designs. Each circular weaving is unique- referencing forms of nature such as mountains, trees, roots, caves and prisms.

Each weaving has been paired with a saturated color scheme to enhance and add further interest to the piece as a whole. I use color, textures, layers and details to provide a deep visual experience.

While making, I work on many dream catchers in various stages, tweaking and letting the full piece come together naturally. I have a huge collection of yarns, beads, pendants and Montana native feathers to build depth and a cohesive look that balances between craft and fine art.

You can follow my daily makes on Instagram @karlimoseymakes

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