Care and maintenance

Here are some tips for maintaining your Dreamcatcher for a lifetime:
First, I would suggest hanging your dreamcatcher in a safe, somewhat permanent location. These are well made works- however, they are fragile, some yarns and feathers have a light quality to them, and handling them often will affect their appearance. Children and animals love dreamcatchers, consider hanging yours in a place it can be enjoyed without touching.
When you unpackage your dreamcatcher, have a secure nail ready and hang immediately. Use your fingers as a comb to gently straighten out and arrange the yarns and feathers. The front of the dreamcatcher has a raised knot where the yarn attaches to the ring (the backside is a sunken “v”).
If your dreamcatcher gets dusty or dirty- spot clean as needed using a damp cloth and lightly blot, supporting the fibers with your hand covered with a towel. Air dry. I’ve found lint rollers do a great job removing dust and hair, be careful and intentional when lint rolling near the bottom of the dreamcatcher. You can lightly shake off the dust, as you would a small rug or decorative tapestry. I do not recommend using a vacuum on your dreamcatcher.
With time and wear, some fibers will loosen. If you’ve purchased a piece with large, textured yarns, it is even more important to hang your work in location where viewers cannot touch often. You may have to trim your piece to revive the ends. Using scissors intended for cutting fibers (not bathroom scissors, or children’s scissors. ) hold the piece of yarn you’d like to trim and carefully cut a small amount- you can always cut more, but you can never put back. I recommend trimming no more than ¼ of an inch at a time. Expect to trim your dreamcatcher every 5 years if you move it often.
If any major damages or issues occur, feel free to reach out to me for advice or to arrange a repair at